Powder - Simple Powder, 
Innovative Technology

MediUSA’s innovative powder formula technology provides a diverse range of powder packing and types to suit all your dietary supplement needs.


Dietary supplement companies worldwide rely on our formula technology.
We carry out stability tests on typical formulae to monitor their appearance, efficacy and taste changes during their shelf life.
We also undertake continuous research to optimize testing accuracy.
Flavor studies: Our engineers are dedicated specialists in product flavor improvement.

Various powder types:

  • Water-mix form
  • Direct drinking form
  • Effervescent form

What We Provide:

Probiotics Powder

Protein Powder

Collagen Powder

Fruit & Vegetable Fiber powder

Meal Replacement Powder

Direct Drinking Powder (cranberry, acerola etc.)

DHA Calcium Powder and many others.

For more ready-to-go formulae, please contact us.